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The Xbox Live Arcade is finally rounding out, and it's a good place for independent developers to demonstrate their talent.  Streamline Studios is teaming up with Virtual Toys, a Spanish developer, to create an over-the-top, internationally themed basketball arcade game called Hoop World.  It's great to see some fresh, cooperative talent breaking out this way, and with original ideas too. 

Streamline Studios, an independent developer and leading provider of digital content service solutions, announced today that they are collaborating with noted Spanish developer Virtual Toys to develop Streamline’s upcoming Xbox 360 Live Arcade game HoopWorld. The development partnership combines Streamline’s strengths in visuals and game design with Virtual Toys’ strengths in gameplay and engineering to make the HoopWorld development team exceptionally strong.


It is only fitting that HoopWorld is being developed collaboratively with an international team, as this is in keeping with the game’s multi-ethnic, cooperative flavor that encourages and rewards teamwork.


“’Together, Everyone Achieves More’ has always been that operating principle of Streamline and is the core principle of HoopWorld,” said Hector Fernandez, Chief Creative Officer of Streamline. “That’s why we are extremely excited to be working with Virtual Toys, as their engineering strengths and gameplay knowledge complement our visual and design expertise perfectly and together we have a seamless vision of how to make HoopWorld a fantastic experience for Live Arcade players.”


HoopWorld is an over-the-top, three-on-three multiplayer trick-game that fuses elements of arcade-style street basketball and the ancient Mesoamerican game of tlachtli to create a unique hoops experience. Through the combination of stylized multi-ethnic characters, multiple hoops, richly imaginative interactive locations, and an innovative points system based on collaborative ‘tricking’, HoopWorld is a new experience in what a downloadable arcade game can become.


For more information on HoopWorld, please visit:  http://www.hoopworldgame.com/

For more information on Streamline Studios, please visit:  http://www.streamline-studios.com/

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