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A couple weeks ago, HoopWorld, the long-developed Basketbrawl game finally hit WiiWare here in the U.S. Today, our friends over in Europe know when they will get their crack at it…August 13th. The game will cost 1,000 Wii Points, and appears to be identical to the U.S. version. It hasn’t had many reviews yet, but they appear to be mixed between the Pros and the Joes. As a side note to our European readers, don’t feel bad if you get stomped in multiplayer against us yanks, as we had several weeks to get ourselves up to speed on the game.
HoopWorld™ Coming to Europe on WiiWare, August 13th

Virtual Toys and Streamline Studios Celebrate Best Arcade Basketbrawl Game on Wii

MADRID, Spain – August 5, 2010 – Virtual Toys and Streamline Studios announced that HoopWorld™, their original 3-on-3 arcade basketball game for WiiWare™, is coming to Europe. HoopWorld has already made a splash in the U.S. and Canada and players have started to climb and dominate the leader boards. The game will be available on August 13th for 1,000 Wii Points™.

HoopWorld brings over-the-top arcade basketball with a kung-fu power-up twist to the platform, offering unlimited replay ability via 7 uniquely themed teams and 6 outdoor courts/ locations. Connect to the HoopWorld online leader board or play with a friend. Fast, fun, and easy to pick-up arcade action and power-ups will keep players on the edge of their seats, as they basketbrawl their way to the top of the HoopWorld Leader board Championship!

“With the World Cup over, other sports will regain some of the attention in Europe and HoopWorld is the perfect game for anyone that wants to play an aggressive, fast paced sport on the Wii,” said Jesus Iglesias, creative director of Virtual Toys. “We know that fans of basketball, soccer, and fighting will enjoy HoopWorld when it launches on August 13th.”
Official Game Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/user/hoopworld

About HoopWorld
• 1-2 player, single player and offline multiplayer • Basketbrawl! – punch, kick, and fight to get the ball • 7 stylish teams/ 21 characters defend their home courts • 6 spunky courts set in colorful outdoor locations • 8 crazy power-ups spice up the gameplay • Unlock additional teams and courts by beating all 4 difficulties
Genre - Arcade Action Sports
Service - WiiWare™
Publisher - Virtual Toys
Developers - Virtual Toys/ Streamline Studios Europe Release – August 13, 2010 U.S. Release – July 19, 2010 Age Rating - PEGI 12+
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