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Homeworld: Shipbreakers is the new Homeworld game, with some original developers

by: John -
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The original developers are coming home, so to speak. Gearbox has come to an agreement with Blackbird Interactive and are integrating Hardware:Shipbreakers into the Homeworld IP and renaming it to Homeworld: Shipbreakers. Gearbox is helping with funding and resources.

The thought is that development of the game will be all on Blackbird Interactive while Gearbox works on the high definition releases of the first two Homeworld games. Good news is that the original developers of Homeworld will now work on an official Homeworld game, something that should make fans of the original series happy.

All this came to fruition during Pax Dev as the deal was signed then. Now, Blackbird is looking for more folks to help finish the game and make it a part of Homeworld. 

Source : Polygon