Hollywood's "hottest dynamic duo" will get your heart racing

by: Randy -
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In a misguided attempt to cross pop-cultural boundaries, EA and Xbox LIVE are bedding together for a Valentine's Day event involving Burnout Paradise ... and celeb couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, stars of MTV's The Hills.  If you're still reading this, then go shoot yourself.  On February 12 from 9:00pm PST - 12:00am, Xbox LIVE Gold members can score a chance to play with Heidi and Spencer, grab their Mugshots, and run the roads of Paradise City together.  Players will also (and here's one redeeming point) get to chat with Burnout Paradise producer Craig Sullivan.  And some other unnamed guest celebrities.  To connect with Heidi, Spencer and Craig, send a friend request to BurnoutGWFHeidi, BurnoutGWFSpenc, and BurnoutGWFCraig on your Xbox 360.  Other surprise celebs will be joining the couple and will be playing as BurnoutGWF1, BurnoutGWF2, etc., up through BurnoutGWF8.
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