Hit the online connected slopes of SSX

by: Travis -
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EA Sports has sent over the first in a two-part series of videos that detail the online features of the upcoming SSX. Creative Director Todd Batty showcases the game's Explore mode along with the SSX version of the autolog recommendation engine called RiderNet. In the Explore mode, players compete to win gold medals across all the mountain ranges in the world. Every run down a slope is saved as a ghost for future competition among friends. On the inverse, you can compete against the ghosts of your friends and other gamers across the world. As for RiderNet, the service is described as a guide for players throughout the game's world. The service will also suggest which slopes to run for better times and even recommend new friends.

The next video in the series will include details about the online options available for competing with friends. SSX will be released in North America on February 28 and March 2 in Europe for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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