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Hip Interactive shot us a release detailing their lineup for this year’s E3. Call of Cthulhu: Destiny’s End and City of the Dead look particularly interesting. Check out the press release for the full list.

Toronto, Canada – May 12th, 2005 – Hip Games™ and ARUSH™ Publishing Corporation, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hip Interactive Corp., today revealed the line-up for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California on May 18-20, 2005. Hip will showcase its titles behind closed doors at booth #5013 in the Concourse Hall.

Offering a focused lineup of high quality interactive entertainment products, Hip will be showing off a strong product portfolio including ‘City of the Dead,’ the first in the George A. Romero series of video games, "Call of Cthulhu: Destiny’s End" an Survival Horror based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and Playboy the Mansion: Private Party.

“E3 2005 will be the beginning on a new era for Hip," said Arindra Singh, President & Chief Executive Officer of Hip Interactive. “With a stellar line-up of new acquisitions and internal franchises, we are looking forward to presenting our most high-profile line-up ever."

Below is the complete list of Hip Gamesâ„¢ titles to be shown at E3 2005:

George A Romero presents City of the Deadâ„¢
Release Date: Q1 2006
Genre: 1st Person Shooter
Platform: PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system / the Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft/PC CD Rom
Description : The game is set on the Island of Ningun Futuro (Spanish for No Future), located off the coast of North America. The island is home to a secret operation military base, whose primary role was to testing weapon effects on cadavers. When the dead begin to rise, Dr Rocane the head Pathologist, thinks it is Christmas.

Call of Cthulhu: Destiny’s End
Release Date: Summer 2006
Genre: 3rd person Survival Horror
Platform: Multi-Platform Release
Description: Destiny’s End is a 3rd person Survival Horror game in which the player must guide two co-dependant characters through Cthulhu Mythos inspired encounters and situations. The game is based around the ruined fishing town of Innsmouth, a place destroyed by a government raid in 1928 and subsequently left to fester in ruin.

Ghost Warsâ„¢ (Description)
Release Date: Q1 2006
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Platform: PC CD Rom
Description : Terrorist actions - all threatening to have an impact of global scale - surface one after the other, to the greatest shock of western intelligence agencies. The responsibility to deal with the ever-increasing crisis falls on a small, but selected group of units belonging to a covert organization of the United States. While struggling desperately to contain the situation behind the scenes, and wage a secret war, the team unveils a grave and shocking discovery.

Jackie Chan Adventuresâ„¢
Release Date: Summer 2005
Genre: Action Platform
Platform: PlayStation®2
Description: The official game of the world’s greatest Kung Fu star promises to deliver the same kid friendly mix of fast-paced adventure Jackie has made famous. “Jackie Chan Adventures” follows the exploits of Jackie Chan, an expert in ancient artifacts and, at times, a secret government agent. This time, Jackie’s mission is nothing less than saving the world from an evil power known only as the Dark Hand, and can only be accomplished by finding magical talismans from around the world and beyond.

Playboy the Mansionâ„¢: Private Party
Release Date: September 2005
Genre: Simulation
Platform: PC
Description: Private Party is the highly anticipated expansion pack to the genre-breaking lifestyle simulation game, Playboy: The Mansion, where gamers get to virtually “play Hef.” Featuring exciting parties like Midsummer Night's Dream, world-famous celebrities and Playmates, new animations, enhanced character editing, sexy outfits, and party-themed music, Private Party takes living the good life to the next level, giving gamers even more virtual access to Hef's charmed lifestyle.

Fear Factorâ„¢: Unleashed
Release Date: November 2005
Genre: Action
Platform: Multiplatform
Description: Fear Factor: Unleashed puts gamers inside the action of the hit TV show, and features 15 spine-tingling stunts that will test gamers’ steadiness, stomachs and nerve. Players can choose to play in single player mode, where they will face 5 other competitors in an intense 3-challenge contest to crown a winner, or play against friends on one system with unique trash-talking multiplayer game play. Contestants’ phobias play into their success or failure as they struggle to maintain their "Fear Meter" and win the competition. With fiery explosions, bone-crunching wipeouts, and endless action, Fear Factor: Unleashed will prove whether fear is a factor for you.

*Rugby Challenge 2006
Release Date: Fall 2005 (Europe only)
Genre: Sports (Rugby)
Platform: multi-format release
Description: Hip Games and Swordfish Studios (developers of Jonah Lomu Rugby and World Championship Rubgy) are taking Rugby to the next level in this realistic simulation. Not only will Rugby Challenge 2006 offer realistic graphics and animations but also a wide choice of real teams and stadiums along with the new 2006 Rugby rules.

About Hip Gamesâ„¢
Hip Games™, Hip Interactive’s Publishing division, leverages the Company’s existing distribution infrastructure to move up the video game supply chain. Hip has entered into distribution and publishing arrangements with publishers and developers from around the world. The licenses give Hip the exclusive right to publish and/or distribute PC and video game titles in North America, with Hip Interactive Europe acting as the publishing and distributing arm of Hip Games™ in Europe. As well, with the acquisition of ARUSH Entertainment, Hip has acquired all of ARUSH’s rights to current projects, including the highly anticipated title Playboy: The Mansion™ and Fear Factor: Unleashed™ video games.

About Hip Interactive Corp.
Hip Interactive (www.hipinteractive.com) is a leading provider of electronic entertainment products, including PC and video games, movies, video arcade games, and proprietary games, branded as Hip Games™, and accessories, branded as Hip Gear™. The Company distributes all first party products, including SCEA, Microsoft and Nintendo hardware, software and accessories, as well as third party licensed video game software. With offices across North America and in Europe, Hip uses its distribution business to leverage into higher margin, higher growth areas of the electronic entertainment industry, such as licensing, publishing and its proprietary games and accessories. Hip Interactive trades on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “HP”.
City of the Dead TM and © Hip Interactive. All rights reserved. "George A. Romero Presents City of the Dead" in association with Living Dead Productions

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