High flying Elf’s are the last of the Blood Bowl team intros

by: Dan -
More On: Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
Don’t let the smallish size of the elf fool you, as the High Elf team in Blood Bowl Legendary Edition may sport the best passing attack in the game. These guys (the last of the 11 teams to be introduced by Focus Home) have some of the best natural agility of any team and both their throwers and receivers will make you look foolish if you are not all over them. However, good ole brute force can take these guys down if they get in the way of a freight train known as an enraged Ogre. However, keep it simple with the ball always in the air and these guys can score like any major college spread offense. Not to mention they sport some sweet looking capes….Blood Bowl Legendary Edition will hit the PC on October 28th.

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