High Moon Studios lets go 40 people from the Deadpool team

by: John -
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Well, yesterday wasn't a good day for employment in the video game industry. 40 people has been let go from High Moon Studios with the completion of Deadpool. Joystiq got word from an Activision spokesperson. 

High Moon is responsible for such great hits as Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Their latest game takes one of the more interesting characters in the Marvel Universe who constantly breaks the fourth wall and cracks a great deal of jokes while viciously killing all those that stand in his way.

It is somewhat normal, but an unfortunate part of the business, when a company finishes a game that they downsize the team. Once a new project gets rolling and they find out they need more resources, they'll go ramp up. But this up and down cycle does affect people and you do go in knowing that you're at risk of not having a job at the end of the project.

Good luck to those affected and I hope they find something soon.

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