Hey Big Boss, why do you get to use two CODECs?

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Hideo Kojima posted an interesting tidbit about Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on his development blog, helpfully interpreted here. Apparently Snake/Big Boss has two methods of using the series' trademark radio, the CODEC. "Live" messages broadcast from HQ during the missions are played out while you're moving--you don't go into a separate screen while talking heads yak at you. This is done because the game has a strong co-op emphasis so both players need to progress during CODEC messages. While this is convenient it's also more realistic; in previous games, I wondered how Snake could stop, often in the middle of a firefight, and converse with his buddies for sometimes over a dozen minutes.

However, pre-recorded briefings given before the mission started are stored in your CODED for later review. This makes more sense--Snake would realistically get a lot of topographical info, intel and objectives before he entered a mission area, and that's just the kind of info stored in the briefing files. I've been a Metal Gear fan since the original Solid on the PS1 and it's always interesting to see how Kojima and his team further refine the games in newer entries.
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