Here's a handheld you might have missed

by: Nathan -
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While perusing through Engadget's website (via Max Console) today I found a surprising handheld device among the many pictures of smartphones. The GP2X Caanoo handheld from Gamepark is the mobile open gaming platforms of some gamers' dreams. A 3.5 inch touchscreen wrapped between a shell featuring four face buttons (two shoulder buttons on top) and an analog knub may seem like a strange melding of the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, but what sets this device apart is its Linux based open gaming platform capabilities. Those who still use their PSP to play roms or other games may stick to their guns, but the appeal of using a system that will let them play DivX, XviD, MPEG 4 video, their roms, and feature a new app store (in development), all while not having to worry about the next update bricking their device might lure more than a couple of buyers. For $150 I would definitely give this device a try if I was a hardcore Linux user. Check out the video below for some cheesy techno music and a full list of features.
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