Hellgate comes back from the dead

by: John -
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There are those that liked Hellgate: London and those that just want to see it stay dead. While I thought the game was OK, I saw there was potential and didn't want it to fail outright. At the very least, I would've liked to have seen a dedicated server software released to the public so we could keep playing multiplayer.

Well, it looks like North America and Europe will soon see the gates re-opened as HanbitSoft has acquired the publishing rights from Namco Bandai and is looking to re-open the game to those markets soon. Good news for those that want to play the game again.

Now, the thing is will those that have purchased the game and the expansion packs be able to continue to play without having to pay again? I know the game's gone through some updates and I wouldn't expect our characters on the servers to be saved but I would hate to see HanbitSoft making previous owners shell out more cash for the game. And what of those that purchased the Founders offer? They're probably SOL though but I'd love to see HanbitSoft offer those folks a little discount.
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