Heavy Rain will be Moving by Xmas

by: Jeremy -
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In a post on the European PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Ross Alexander has assured gamers that the PlayStation Move enabled version of Heavy Rain would see a release prior to Christmas 2010. The release that Ross mentions pertains specifically to the free PSN update that will be released for gamers who already own the game. There is no mention or details given on the Move-specific version of the game that wil be released to retailers.

In addition to the release-window announcement, Sony has also released a few new screenshots from the Move-enabled version of the game, showing / hinting at some of the “waggle” commands that will be required in the game. Being a new PS3 owner (just last week), I am actually holding off on playing Heavy Rain to get a hold of the Move version; I have heard nothing but good things about the original game and the videos that I have seen of the Move support look pretty solid. It doesn’t look like I will have to wait that much longer...

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