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Hearts of Iron, the globe-spanning World War II strategy game from Paradox Interactive, is now available on Stardock's Impulse.  For $9.99, you can play any nation, taking the war effort to any front you want, though the theme built into the box dictates that it's focused on the driving Fascist, Communist, and Democratic powers of the day.  The rest of the anthology is on its way to Impulse as well.

I've recently had a fruitless, instruction-manual-missing, bug-ridden, botched-tutorial-instructions, repeatedly-crash-to-desktop experience with Paradox Interactive's Europa Universalis 3 - Complete, a game that runs on uncannily similar premises as Hearts of Iron (except during the Medieval era), but with the latter being six years old, hopefully some of those bugs (rather than hearts) are ironed out.  Ten bucks on Impulse for the original Hearts of Iron will also clue you in as to whether or not you'll want this fall's Hearts of Iron III, since the overall guts of the game aren't changing much.

Paradox Games Joins Impulse: Hearts of Iron Now Available on Impulse, Entire Catalogue Coming Soon


PLYMOUTH, MI (JANUARY 13, 2009) - Stardock Corporation (www.stardock.com) announced today that Paradox Games' Hearts of Iron is now available for download on Impulse (www.impulsedriven.com) for $9.99, with the rest of the Paradox catalogue available soon.


 ´╗┐Hearts of Iron is a World War II title of true grand strategic scope: the game map spans the entire world and allows players to take the war to any new front of their choosing. Any nation in the world is playable, but the game focuses on the epic struggle between the great alliances of the new world orders Fascism, Communism and Democracy.

Hearts of Iron is developed by the team behind the award winning sales success Europa Universalis I and II and brings the same super detail to a modern day gaming experience.

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