Hawken: Ascension update is live, large and looking rad

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Hawken: Ascension is live and it's the largest update yet for the free-to-play multiplayer mech first-person-shooter arena combat shoot 'em up bang bang. Granted, Hawken is technically in beta version 0.9.4, but it's the type of beta that's been fully playable for almost a year now.

This Ascension update improves progression, gameplay, performance, and quite a bit more. Man, this game still looks great. I haven't touched it yet, but apparently Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade plays every night.

HAWKEN: Ascension is here. Play now
HAWKEN: Ascension is live and it's the largest update we've ever added. Check out the video for an overview of improvements to progression, game play, performance and more.

New Map: Last Eco    

Venture Deep Into Illal's Last Eco Overgrowth
If you're looking for a change of scenery from arid deserts and crumbling cityscapes, our new Last Eco map is just what you've been waiting for. This triangular map is filled with lush, jungle foliage, and features numerous hills and valleys that are perfect for eluding enemies and setting up ambushes.

Learn the ins and outs of Last Eco, as well as all our existing maps, in our new Map Guide.

Watch out for the foliage

Earn HAWKEN Rewards    

New Progression System
Unlock new items, internals, camos, elite skins, and mechs - and customize your mech to suit your playstyle. Raise your pilot rank and upgrade your mech to get exclusive thrusters and repair drones, elite mech skins, veteran camos, global items, and even free mechs!

We've also:

Added two dozen new internals
Expanded items into three size tiers
Revamped the optimization system
And more
Learn about all the new content in our Veteran's Guide to HAWKEN: Ascension.


Mechs Rule

Join the Party    

HAWKEN: Ascension lets you join a party or go solo -- it's your choice! HAWKEN's new Party system gives players new tools for making friends and finding experienced players to cover your flank in a fight.

Hone your skills further in these new PvE modes:

VR Training: You and Laila in a virtual world
Solo Deathmatch: You versus an AI team
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