Haven't heard of SkyDrift? Well, you have now.

by: Nathaniel -
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SkyDrift is an upcoming downloadable flight action title from Digital Reality.  Are you bored yet?  Well, don't be.  SkyDrift looks gorgeous, fast, and exciting with nary an ME109 or Zero anywhere to be seen/shot down for the millionth time in your gaming career.  Instead, SkyDrift is a racing game using airplanes that look like they were ripped from Crimson Alliance and crossed with those speedy Red Bull racing circuit aircraft you might see on TV.  Along with straight speed, you'll also shoot down opponents (but no Axis Power opponents, I'm sure) and collect powerups on your way to victory.  It's all arcade action all the way, so look elsewhere if you want a hardcore sim.  This dev diary gives insight into the design of the aircraft themselves.  Enjoy.

SkyDrift is set for release this September.

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