Haunt is free on XBLA until July 2nd

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you want Haunt, the XBLA title from the creators of Parappa the Rapper, it's free until July 2nd. The game is a Kinect exclusive, so you can only play it if you took the plunge on Microsoft's brave new future in gaming interaction, but hey, the game is free! You could even get it if you just plan on getting Kinect down the line. Check out Major Nelson's blog for more info.
The latest game from the team behind Parappa the Rapper is available for free.

As detailed on Larry Hyrb’s blog, if you live in the US you can download Haunt for free.

The Kinect-exclusive Xbox Live Arcade title can be found through the Kinect central section of your dashboard. Everyone else will just have to pay for it.

Haunt is the first console game from NanaOn-Sha since 2009 Wii release Major Minor’s Majestic March, which went down like a tone of bricks due to basically not working, although the core concept was pretty neat.

In Haunt, players explore a haunted house, solving puzzles and battling ghosts through the power of flailing.
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