Has Infinity Ward negotiated to become sole developer of COD games? No!

by: John -
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It's their baby and it's their right to be the only ones to develop Cal of Duty games. Rumors are flying at Next-Gen that Infinity Ward has negotiated the right to be the sole developer for future COD games. Treyarch will still develop Call of Duty 5 but after that, it's all Infinity Ward. That's good news for those that were less than satisfied with Call of Duty 3 and not too thrilled to hear Call of Duty 5 is going back to WWII. If true, I'm glad to see this happen but I'm hoping the guys at Infinity Ward will develop another intellectual property to go along with Call of Duty.

-Update- Looks like Eurogamer got word from Activision that this isn't happening and Treyarch and IW will still alternate COD games.
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