Harmonix to unveil new title at PAX East

by: Dan -
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The official list and descriptions of PAX East panels hit yesterday and buried within the description of the Harmonix and the Evolution of Beatmatch Gameplay panel is word that a new title is forthcoming. Now, this does not mean it will be a console title, as Harmonix does have several mobile apps in the wild right now. However, if it is for the consoles this would be the companies first new title since Dance Central 2 released last year and Rock Band 3, Dance Central and Green Day: Rock Band dropped in 2010.  I personally think we will be getting info on their untitled Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita projects. Here is the description of the panel:

Join Harmonix developers as they discuss and dissect ten years of beatmatch gameplay creation, tracking their long and glorious tradition of designing music rhythm games like Frequency and Amplitude right up to the first public reveal of a brand new title! The panel will include gameplay examples from internal prototypes, honest discussion of our design process successes and failures, insight into how we create and test our games in development, and a synopsis of the design history of a title on public display for the very first time at the Harmonix booth. Q & A to follow.

So there you have it. If you are in Boston at PAX East on Saturday April 7th, swing by the Manticore Theatre between 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. to find out what Harmonix has up their sleeve.

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