Happy Father's Day

by: Chuck -
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Today is Father's Day here in the US and while it's not a federal holiday (no days off) it's one of those times that if you were lucky enough to have a cool dad while you were growing up, you can call him up and thank him for it without getting all mushy and chicky (unless you're a female and then it's OK all year round).

I was lucky enough to have one of those cool dads growing up and he's one of the biggest influences in my life (just slightly ahead of Star Wars). Many of my best and worst traits I've picked up from my Dad. I can thank my Dad for my sense of fair play, patriotism, proclivity of using bad puns to compose even worse jokes, and sense of humor to go along with my short temper and mean streak while playing sports (Dad could give Bobby Knight a run for this money) that I inherited from him as well.

My dad was always the coolest because he worked in military intelligence for the Air Force. So not only could my dad kick your dad's ass but he could dig up all kinds of embarrassing blackmail stuff about your Dad possibly even have him and your entire family wiped off the face of the Earth if the mood struck him. Being a military brat wasn't always easy but having a cool Dad like him made the constant moves a lot easier to deal with.

So Happy Father's Day Dad, have a cold one and I'll be calling you later on today.
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