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Happy Blaster Master Monday!

by: Jeremy -
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 Wow, I wasn't sure what to expect when I woke up this morning... it is Monday after all.  Then I logged into the internet and saw that a new Blast Master game hit the Wiiware this morning.  Wait!! What!!!

Yeah, Sunsoft's classic NES platformer has made its return to Nintendo's Wiiware with Blaster Master Overdrive.  I absolutely love it when a game hits that you were not aware and this is one of those cases.  Nobody knew this was coming and then it was announced just a couple of days ago.  The new game consists of 8 stages comprised of a mix of overhead shooting and side-scrolling platforming.  Throughout your adventure you will need to upgrade your tank in order to adapt to the ever changing levels and challenges.  Blaster Master Overdrive is available on the Nintendo Shop Channel right now for 1,000 Wii points ($10.00).