Happy 20th Birthday to the Neo Geo!

by: Jeremy -
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 2010 marks the 20 year anniversary / birthday of what I consider to be one of the greatest, yet most under-appreciated, consoles of all time: SNK's Neo Geo.  I remembered that this was a milestone year for the console, and SNK Playmore did too.  The first thing that SNK Playmore has done to celebrate the milestone is open up the Neo Geo Museum website, outlining the entire history of the system up through 2010.

You can find a little bit of everything on the site from a detailed history about the console to a complete title catalog as well as old advertisement scans.  It is a nice trip down memory lane regarding the console that almost nobody owned.  I always wanted a Neo Geo and remember staring at it in the glass case of Toys R Us endlessly... knowing that neither myself nor my parents could afford its outrageous price tag.  
The second thing that the company has done to mark the "historic" event is to resume the repair operations for the Neo Geo hardware, in Japan at least.  SNK Playmore's Japanese web site states that the company will once again accept consoles and peripherals for repair.  It should be noted that this only affects the original Neo Geo system itself, none of the CD consoles or handheld units that came later in the product lines.  
If nothing else, the museum is at least worth a viewing to relive some great arcade memories...

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