Halo 4? There’s a headset for that...

by: Jeremy -
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In celebration of the launch of one of this year’s most anticipated titles, Mad Catz is releasing a special Halo 4 (our review can be found here) themed version of the Tritton Warhead as well as a variety of other Halo themed products.

Leading the charge is the aforementioned Warhead, which I absolutely adore! If that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of other headsets lined up to satisfy gamers of all budgets. They are all going to include a variety of special, Halo 4 content and DLC as well. The lineup currently includes:
  • Halo 4-themed Warhead 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with bonus Forward Onto animated prop DLC
  • Halo 4-themed Trigger Stereo Headset with bonus United Nations Space Command (UNSC) logo t-shirt DLC (for your XBL avatar)
  • Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset with bonus Halo 4 Logo t-shirt DLC
  • Tritton Primer Wireless Headset with bonus Halo 4 Logo t-shirt DLC
If you plan on playing the game, you might as well pick up a quality headset to go with it and get some bonus DLC too!

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