Halo 4 OST announced

by: Mike -
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The Halo 4 official soundtrack will release on October 22, giving Halo fans 15 tracks and over 75 hours of pulse-pounding music.

Composer Neil Davidge has described the soundtrack for 343's Halo as a blend of orchestral and romantic melodies with a digital backbone. Long time fans may miss the haunting monk chants of Martin O'Donnell, but a sample of Davidge's take on the Halo music may erase doubts.

The OST can also be purchased with a bonus CD featuring remixes of the songs by DJ Skee, Apocalyptica, Sander Van Doorn, Hundred Waters, and others. This version will sell for $75, while the regular will retail at $13.98.

If the wait until November 6 is unbearable, then the soundtrack could alleviate some of Halo fans' tension.

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