Halo 2 Updates

by: Jennifer -
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Good news for all you Halo 2 fans, Bungie has a few updates to send your way. First off, you can now download the first four maps of the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack via Xbox Live. Although you'll have to pay for two of them, you can snag two of them for free courtesy of Mountain Dew. The $5.99 price point isn't all that bad but having to pay $11.99 for the next five is a little tough for me to swallow. Oh well, it's Halo, people will pay anything for it.

Also of note is the start of the American portion of the Halo 2 WorldWide tournament. The tournament has been taking place all over the world where players battle it out to crown a winner for their territory. That winner then goes on to take on the winners from the other territories in an effort to prove themselves as the world's greatest Halo 2 player. There's a problem with this though; all of the other regions have finished their portions while the Americans are just getting started. What this means is that the tournament begins in America with the Auto Update's tweaks and changes, giving the Americans the ultimate advantage in the later stages of the tournament. Who knows, this might not be as big of a deal as we think. We'll see.
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