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Within the last year or so, several new players have jumped into the secondhand market of buying and selling used games and consoles.  This includes Best Buy and the never ending stream of Mom & Pop local used game stores.  However, one player has emerged that I don’t think anyone would have considered: Half Price Books.

I recently visited my local Half Priced Books here in Columbus, and they told me they had just started purchasing and selling games and consoles.  This isn’t too much of a jump for them, as they already have the pawn licenses necessary to conduct this type of transaction, and they do pay cash, not just store credit.  Direct from the corporate website FAQ:

Q: What about videogames and computer games?
We like to see videogames and computer games that have their original packaging. We can’t buy or sell games that have been registered to a single user or that are online use-only.

They wouldn’t quote me a price without specific product, but what I did gather is that they are actively trying to build up inventory at many locations, so if you have something that other used game stores won’t buy, it is a good bet you may be able to sell it to your local Half Priced Books.  The only downside is that I do not believe their staff is as highly trained in video games, console hardware and accessories as other outlets.  So there is a good chance that prices are firm based on what is in their computer.

Either way, if you have some used games or consoles (PSP1000 anyone?) to you have been unable to sell, these folks just might take it.

They also retail new games through their website, although their pricing leaves a bit to be desired.

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