Half Life fan movie shows Hollywood how it’s done

by: Jeremy -
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Sure, this clip has made its way to pretty much every gaming site on the net, but it is just too good to not share.

A fan made trailer for a project based on Valve's Half Life 2 entitled I’m the Free-man”, has been released on the internet. The project is being developed in the form of a short film by an individual by the name of Marco Spitoni. Although the teaser trailer for the project, shown below, is brief, it contains more heart than 99.9% of the gaming related Hollywood projects that have existed and will likely ever exist. Why is it that a single individual with little, to no, budget can nail the feel of a game but a Hollywood studio with millions of dollars at their disposal cannot?

Hopefully the full version will be released soon so that fans of Valve’s iconic FPS can enjoy the fruits of Spitoni’s labors...

Source: Joystick Division

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