HTC spends $40 million on OnLive

by: John -
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We've had our share of failures in game streaming companies. And because of that, many folks are skepticle about any company trying to start one up. I mean, ask Chuck about OnLive. I remember when they were first announced and the first words out of his mouth was fail. I tend to look at companies who try their hand at something that another has failed at as one that has better chances of success by learning what not to do based on the previous companies' failures.

OnLive seems to be doing alright for itself right now, but it's about to get a nice partner and some good amount of cash. HTC, makers of phones and soon to be tablets, has bought a $40 million stake into the company. HTC is a big player in the Android OS while OnLive is planning on an Android viewer client, so having a backer like HTC could be a big boost for OnLive. Android could get a nice big infusion of games if OnLive and HTC were able to come up with a way to make it for their phones to play some of the better games out there.
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