HRV to allow you to share data, wall hack in Blacklight Tango Down

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The folks at Ignition Entertainment have unveiled the latest piece of equipment you'll have at your disposal in Blacklight Tango Down, the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV).  The device allows you to send and receive data from your teammates and highlights shared objectives, enemy locations, and intelligence about what's going on in the game.   The catch to using the device is that you can't shoot while it's on so you'll need to pick your spots wisely lest you absorb some unwanted lead while surveying the terrain.

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It's interesting technology and based a bit on the augmented reality technology that's just now making it's way to consumer devices.
Glendale, CA - June 7, 2010 - Giving gamers an in-depth look into the summer's most anticipated shooter, Ignition Entertainment today released a brand-new gameplay video showing off BlackLight: Tango Down's Hyper Reality Visor (HRV). As one of the most powerful tools in the soldier's arsenal, the HRV is based on science fact rather than science fiction, and makes BlackLight: Tango Down a shooter like no other. The HRV is an advanced imaging system in the player's Heads up Display that detects nearby enemy and friendly forces and relays the information back to players, giving them immediate battlefield intelligence. Based on real-life applications, the HRV uses cell phone towers and satellites to detect nearby enemy and friendly forces and identifies nearby objectives including health and ammo stations.

In the game, members of BlackLight and The Order are equipped with the HRV, offering players on both sides a type of augmented reality for an intense and dynamic experience. However, gamers have to act fast when using the HRV, as they are unable to shoot while it is engaged. This tool can also be extremely helpful after respawning, allowing players to quickly get back into the multiplayer action and locate a recent killer for a rapid revenge.

Available this summer on XBLA, PSN, and PC, BlackLight: Tango Down is a fast-paced, action-oriented first-person shooter that marks the first release of what will be a multi-platform entertainment franchise. Beyond the video game, a BlackLight feature film from Twentieth Century Fox and comic book series are currently in development. Designed to bring a fun, absorbing, and high quality AAA multiplayer experience to DLG venues, the game exists in a future between contemporary and sci-fi shooters - part Blade Runner and part Call of Duty.

Developed by Zombie Studios, BlackLight: Tango Down takes place 25 years into the future. The player takes control of an elite covert ops team that is sent after missing American Colonel Klein and his personal BlackLight team. The game will feature four single player/co-op levels that support up to four players at once, 12 multiplayer maps, seven game types and literally millions of weapons customization combinations. As the team advances through regions that consist of old world architecture over laden with ubiquitous modern holographic advertising, the trigger based dynamic AI offers an intense and varied experience every time the game is played.
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