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Get your fighter jet porn here!  Tom Clancy's HAWX announced details for the European Assault Pack DLC.  The pack features the delta-winged FB-22, the prototype bomber based on the F-22 Raptor's framework; and the experimental XA-20 Razorback, which has some crazy slide-wing action akin to the old (but badass) F-14 Tomcat; as well as the Saab-37 Viggen and a couple Mirages (for good measure) to handle nuclear strikes and long-range interception.  You can also take a nice, long look at Russian aircraft like the Mig-31 Foxhound, Mig-23 Flogger, and SU-9; and other US aircraft like the A-12 Avenger, F111F Aardvark, F-4 Phantom (my absolute favorite jet as a kid), and SR-71 Blackbird.

The European Assault Pack buzzes the tower on April 23, and goes for 400 Microsoft Points on the 360, or $4.99 on the PS3.
SAN FRANCISCO – April 21, 2009 – Today Ubisoft announces that the European Assault Pack downloadable content (DLC) packs for Tom Clancy's HAWX(TM) for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system will be available on April 23, 2009. The price for the European Assault Pack DLC is 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 for the PLAYSTATION®3 system.

In the European Assault Pack, take the lead in the multi-role carrier-borne version of the Dassault Rafale, the robust Saab-37 Viggen and two Mirage planes designed for nuclear strike and long-range interception. Fly the delta-winged FB-22 prototype bomber, based on the cutting-edge design of the F-22 Raptor. In addition, you get the advanced experimental XA-20 Razorback featured in Tom Clancy's EndWar(TM).

For more information on Tom Clancy's HAWX, please visit the game's official site at http://www.hawxgame.com.
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