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Guy spends $2600 trying to win an Xbox Kinect at a Carnival

by: Nathan -
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Since I'm from New Hampshire, I just had to report about this. Apparently Henry Gribbohm Jr., a man from Epsom, New Hampshire, lost his entire life savings ($2,600) at a carnival trying to win a Xbox Kinect and a Banana. Yes. You read that right!

Apparently this man has no idea how Carnivals work since these games are always specifically designed so they are near impossible to win. He tried to win the prizes playing a game called "Tub of Fun" where you have to throw a ball into a bucket, but usually it just bounces right back out. The man apparently continued because they said he would get all of his money back.

"They explained to me I was going to get all my money back, I was going to get an Xbox Kinect, and because I was keeping everybody's attention, they were still going to give me a banana.  They lied to me," said Gribbohm.

According to him the guy running the game said he would get all his money back but when he went back the next day he only got about $600 and a giant banana with dreadlocks. At this point the man went to the police to file a police report saying he wasn't getting all his money back. 

Something about this just doesn't seem right. $2600 on a Carnival game? Sure maybe he got sucked in but I am sensing that he may be BS-ing about that amount since the Carnival representatives said he only spent about $600. Either way, whether it was $600 or $2600, it's pretty stupid to spend that much trying to win a Kinect when you can just go buy one for $100!

Check out the story here.

image courtesy of boston.cbslocal.com