Guitar Hero scores Kurt and Smells Like Teen Spirit

by: Dan -
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One of the intriguing (and sometimes annoying) aspects of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band battle is what game will score what artists. Well, looks like Guitar Hero got a big one yesterday, as TeamXbox (via Yahoo) is reporting that Kurt Cobain will appear in Guitar Hero 5 as a playable character. In addition, the highly coveted song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" will make its band game debut in GH 5 as well. Also, an exclusive live version of "Lithium" is slated to appear in the game. While this is a bit of a downer to Rock Band fans wondering where in the H-E- double hockey sticks Smells Like Teen Spirit was, take heart that it does not appear to be an exclusive to GH 5. Check out the trailer of Kurt over at Yahoo.
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