Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock announced, going mythological

by: Sean Colleli -
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Playstation Xtreme UK is reporting that the new Guitar Hero title is officially called Warriors of Rock. It will feature a fantasy-themed story where The Beast (three guesses as to who that is) battles the demigod of rock in an epic confrontation where the guitar is the ultimate holy weapon. This isn't exactly a new direction, considering they've basically had the devil and the god of rock as side-characters in previous games, with rock n' roll framed as this mythical conflict. It's still...interesting, I guess, that they're going full steam with the concept.

The game will include all of the features that saved GH5 from mediocrity, including the wonderfully intuitive party play mode. Still, from the early screenshots it looks like the game is using the same old five-button note highway we've had since 2005. With Rock Band 3 almost certainly going for a more realistic teach-you-to-play approach, and with other newcomers like Rise of the Six String offering a functional electric guitar as a controller, can Guitar Hero stay relevant by sticking to the same old formula? I'm almost sure there are more surprises coming from Warriors of Rock, so maybe Guitar Hero has something up its sleeve to keep it competitive.
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