Guilty Gear and Spyro Xbox Originals coming to Xbox LIVE

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By way of GamerScoreBlog, we've learned that Xbox Originals Guilty Gear XX #Reload and The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning will be downloadable on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this coming Monday, June 16th.  This is Guilty Gear XX #Reload's Xbox debut, having had previous releases on PS2 and PSP (begging the question as to how this is an Xbox "Original," but I digress).  The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning is worthy of an Xbox Original moniker, however, having enjoyed a simul-release with the GameCube in October 2006.

Xbox Originals on Xbox LIVE Marketplace brings you original Xbox games to play on your Xbox 360. Relive your favorites or find games you missed the first time around.


Guilty Gear X2 #ReloadGuilty Gear XX #Reload

ESRB T (Teen - Blood, Sexual Themes, Violence)
1200 Microsoft Points
(WW except Europe)

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload makes its Xbox® debut, and, for the first-time ever, introduces online play with head-to-head Xbox Live™ support! Play over 20 different combatants and hidden characters, and devastate your opponents with an arsenal of eye-popping, jaw-dropping moves and combos—it's good to beat each other!

The Legend of Spyro™: A New BeginningThe Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Vivendi Universal Games
ESRB E10+ (Everyone 10+ - Cartoon Violence)
1200 Microsoft Points
(WW except Germany, Japan, and Korea)

Explore the origins of the one and only powerful purple dragon in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.  Uncover Spyro's secret history as you embark on a dangerous quest to face off against the ultimate creation of the Dark Master, Cynder.

  • Destroy! Unleash Spyro's true power, using his fiery breath and devastating combos to destroy menacing enemies and bone-chilling bosses.
  • Power-up! Develop greater firepower as you upgrade Spyro's breath into more powerful weapon.
  • Gasp! Experience Spyro's adventures through stunning cinematics and through voices provided by some of Hollywood's finest talent.

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