Grim Dawn resurfaces with Occultist class trailer

by: Travis -
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If you haven't heard of Grim Dawn yet, I'm very disappointed with you. I'll forgive you if you promise to watch the trailer below and visit the game's website for further reading. The developers behind Grim Dawn are actually former members of Iron Lore Entertainment, that developed Titan Quest. The game received favorable reviews and many compared it with the king of hack and slash games, the Diablo series. Iron Lore briefly assisted Relic Entertainment with the development for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm, but still wasn't able to secure funding for its next project. Thus, Crate Entertainment set out to create the spiritual successor, Grim Dawn.

In the newest pre-alpha trailer for Grim Dawn, the gameplay style of the Occultist class is showcased. The developers make clear that the game world is actually open, and that the player even has the option to venture inside every building. The independent development nature and unique game world of Grim Dawn has me relentlessly clicking my left and right mouse buttons in anticipation.

Currently, the alpha version of Grim Dawn is aiming for a release in 2012.

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