Grim Dawn expands with Act II through Steam Early Access

by: Travis -
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Developer Crate Entertainment has announced that in-development, action role-playing game Grim Dawn has been expanded with Act II through a recent update. Currently available through the Steam Early Access program, Grim Dawn is from the developers of previously-released Titan Quest series. Act II "Old Arkovia" expands the game world's with new areas, which now totals over 20 hours of gameplay. In Act II, players battle the barbaric Four Hills gang and their leader Darius Cronley, in addition to traveling to the undercity of Old Arkovia. The complete list of features include:

  • Venture through 10+ hours of new content
  • Descend into the challenge dungeon, "Steps of Torment"
  • Explode obstacles with dynamite and repair structures to open paths
  • Test your hero against 10 new enemy-types and 23 bosses
  • 35 character levels and 106 new items

Further updates are expected for Acts I and II in upcoming months that will include additional quests and areas, a crafting system, and multiplayer. Act III is scheduled to launch later this year that will focus on faction-based gameplay.

Grim Dawn is available now for Windows PC through Steam.

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