Greatest. Figure. Ever.

by: Jeremy -
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Must. Have. This. Figure.

Hot Toys of Japan is preparing to release what may be the single greatest figure I have ever seen. They are releasing a special edition Resident Evil 5 1/6th scale Jill Valentine that looks simply amazing. This extremely detailed figure includes over 30 points of articulation and stands at just over 11 inches tall. Every bit of the figure is individually sculpted down to each and every piece of equipment in her arsenal... and what an arsenal it is. Jill comes packed with:

-radio with pouch
-shoulder holsters (2)
-belt with holster
-magazine pouch
-knife pocket
-sniper rifle
-machine guns (2)
-flash grenade
-aid spray
-ammo pack

This gorgeous collector’s item can be your for a small fee of about $190.00. Ouch... a little too expensive for my tastes, but gorgeous nonetheless. I wish I could afford this...

Source: Andriasang

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