Gratuitous Tank Battles rolls onto the battlefield

by: Travis -
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Positech Games, the developers behind Gratuitous Space Battles, have announced their next game Gratuitous Tank Battles. Sharing many of its predecessor's gameplay mechanics and visual style, Gratuitous Tank Battles pits players against an opposing army of tanks, mechs, and troops in an alternative history where World World I has been ongoing for 200 years. The gameplay can be described as a combination of RTS and tower defense that changes the formula with the inclusion of unit customization.

Gratuitous Tank Battles is expected to be available in early 2012 with a possible beta beforehand.

GTB is a strategy game that borrows from RTS, Tower Defense and from it's predecessor, Gratuitous Space Battles. On the surface, it's a two-sided Tower Defense game, with the player taking the role of attacker or defender. The difference between this and normal such games is in the unit customization and online challenge systems.

GTB will have built-in unit-customization and design, so people can put together tanks, troops and mechs that are pretty unique to them. These armies can then be uploaded, together with user-designed maps, to an online server to enable challenge games to be played asynchronously just like in Gratuitous Space Battles.

Gratuitous Tank Battles is an alternate-history game, set in a world where world war 1 continues for 200 years, pitting troops with rifles in trenches against enemy lasers, tanks and even mechs. It will all be over by Christmas 2214.
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