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Up to this point, Gratuitous Space Battles has been living up to its name.  Players jump in and play "one-off battles" without any other reason than just plain fun.  Positech Games has decided to create a campaign mode, which means that fleets and ships are carried from one battle to the next.  Careful planning and strategy are needed to keep your fleet at the top of its game.  

Another interesting idea is that the fleets you create are uploaded to a server and then used as an enemy fleet in other players' games.  What?  That's pretty cool.  I like the quote in the release that says:  "Think Spore, but with more explosions.
And without securom."  Sounds good to me!  Find out more details here since there is no ETA or release date yet.

After many many months, it transpires that people have a lot of trouble spelling the word 'Gratuitous'. So with that in mind, indie PC strategy game developer 'Positech Games' (me) has decided that what the world needs is not more 'Gratuitous Space Battles' but something akin to 'Completely Justified Space Battles'.

In other words, GSB is getting a campaign mode.

Gratuitous Space Battles is currently a game of one-off battles, where players design fleets for a specific purpose : to blast the given enemy fleet to bits. In the upcoming GSB campaign, the whole game is flipped on it's head / tentacles (delete as appropriate). The fleets and ships now persist between battles, can take damage, be repaired, merged and re-deployed, so the pressure is on to build fleets that can beat all-comers, regardless of enemy race, size or design.

As well as adding some context to the battles, and forcing players to think beyond this immediate battle, the campaign mode also uses super-spangly 'massively singleplayer' technology. Basically, as you put together fleets to beat your enemies, your fleets are transparently processed and uploaded to serve as enemy fleets to other players. Every fleet you encounter in the GSB campaign will be devised by a real humanoid gamer (unless there are some droids playing the game somewhere).

Think Spore, but with more explosions. And without securom.

The GSB campaign is currently in development. It will be released at some point. That's about as specific as we get these days.

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