Grand Theftendo becomes Retro City Rampage

by: Jeremy -
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It is no secret that I have a great appreciation for all things indie and old school... and combining the two just makes me as happy as can be. A few years back, I started following a demake project that involved porting Grand Theft Auto 3 over to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The concept sounded extremely ridiculous on the surface, but a closer look at the work that was being done revealed some serious ingenuity and promise. The project hit the headlines this past week on many gaming sites as what was once a demake port is now being converted into a full-fledged original game for Nintendo’s WiiWare service under the title Retro City Rampage.

The game game will offer a full world that you can explore in all its 8-bit glory. The game is being produced by VBlank Entertainment, for which the creator of the Grand Theftendo Project (Brian Provinciano) works. The official website for the game notes that all of the details regarding the game will be in the next issue of Nintendo Power.

I cannot wait to see how this turns out...

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