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Ntreev USA is announcing that Grand Chase is about to get updated to Season 3. There will be a bunch more content, new lands to explore, additional customization to items, and well, a bunch of other stuff I could mention that probably will be less important to you than those first 3 items. Frankly, I'm not sure how video games have seasons, except in the traditional sense of spring, summer, etc. That being said, I don't think the Ntreev folks are putting out a release to talk about how you can now see the warm colors of autumn in the game.

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A New Legend Begins In The Online Action MMO Brawler With All-New
Missions, Items, Dungeons And More

Irvine, Calif., April 21, 2010 - Ntreev USA, a leading online game
developer and publisher, announced today it will launch an all-new
update, Season 3, for its online action-adventure MMO brawler, Grand
Chase.  Season 3 will feature numerous updates including complete
overhauls for Missions, Items and User Interface plus brand new
Dungeons and Lands.
This new season will be released in two acts; Act 1 launching this
month and Act 2 launching in May.  Player can visit to download the game.

"Season 3 breathes new life into the game and we are elated to bring
all of these completely new and exciting updates to Grand Chase," said
Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA.  The net result of all the new features
and content is a more immersive gaming experience for all of our

New Lands to Explore

Season 3 will launch with two new lands for Grand Chase players to
explore.  Alcubra, the land that was hidden beyond the Silver Land,
will now be the next stop after Silver land.  This new land is a large
desert with a single fertile area of forests.  Alcubra will look
familiar to players already acquainted with Egyptian mythology but
with a distinct Grand Chase twist.   The all-new dungeons located in
Alcubra are the Goblin Work Site, Underpass of Lost Hope, Kungji
Village, and Sands of Illusion. These new dungeons will show off an
incredible array of dungeon types ranging from barren deserts to the
lush forests of Alcubra's fertile region.  For players at the top end,
the new war-torn land of Archimedia will now be available. The Grand
Chase knights know nothing of the land where Dwarves and Elves vie for
control and are mistaken for Elven Spies and immediately attacked upon
arrival!  The new dungeon located in Archimedia is Hammer's Reach, the
outlying Dwarven base.
Item and Equipment Update

A wide range of changes have been implemented to make gear selection
and upgrading easier for all players.  The most exciting update to
equipment and items is a stat normalization for all equipment.  All
items will have a set number of stat points that are based on item
level which will give players the ability to adjust their equipment
more carefully and compare different sets of items more accurately.
Item grades will also be easy to identify using new colored item text.

In addition to stat normalization, all-new stats have been added to
many pieces of equipment. Equipment will be able to grant players
exciting new bonuses like life steal, HP/MP regeneration, and XP
increases. These stats will allow for further customization of outfits
and give players more choice when it comes to selecting equipment for
different situations.

Players will also be able to customize their item stats in two new
ways.  All items will have a number of points allotted to them that
can be reassigned by the players.  This allows players to further
tweak their equipment to their specific tastes. The other way players
can customize their equipment is through the all new Monster Cards.
These new Cards can be placed within sockets on the armor. Each
Monster Card will be based on a monster from Grand Chase and give a
specific bonus to the piece of equipment in which it is placed.

Use Interface Improvements

The user interface of Grand Chase has undergone a massive face lift
making the world map more cohesive and giving players access to more
information to help them get the best gameplay experience possible.
Players will now be greeted with a large map showing all of the lands
of Grand Chase. This revised world map gives the world of Grand Chase
a feeling of grand vastness.  Additionally, the all new and improved
dungeon UI will now allow players to see their current progress
through the dungeon along with items collected, experience gained and
quest objectives.  Thanks to this new UI, players will now be able to
run dungeons more efficiently and maximize their experience.

All-new Missions and Reward System

Season 3 is Grand Chase's most comprehensive update.  The missions have
received a complete overhaul and each mission players receive while
leveling their characters has been updated.  Missions will now feature
more engaging stories and better defined objectives.  These missions
will send players back to dungeons and provide a cohesive, overarching
story for players to follow while rewarding players who are interested
in leveling up faster and collecting quest rewards.

All new missions will have a scaling reward system.  Season 3
introduces a scaling XP reward system that will give bigger XP rewards
to players that complete missions at lower levels.  As players level
higher, the XP reward will be scaled back to encourage players to do
missions earlier.  In addition to mission improvements, players will
now be given visual cues in dungeons and on the world map to indicate
the next dungeon they need to visit.  Visual cues inside of dungeons
will show players which monsters they need to kill in order to
complete their missions.

Grand Chase is an online action brawler set in a medieval fantasy
world.  It follows the story of a few brave young knights who join a
group of nobles known as the "Grand Chase" to defeat an evil usurper
to the throne, a villainess known as Kaze'aze.  Grand Chase combines
traditional side-scrolling dungeon crawling with intense, skill-based
player vs. player (PvP) matches.

Visit for more information.
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