Gran Turismo 5 “possibly” sets a date

by: Jeremy -
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Could it be... could Gran Turismo 5 finally have a release date?!?!? We learned last week that the long-delayed title had finally gone gold and now we have the closest thing to a new release date possible.

According to a listing on the official Sony Style website / store, Gran Turismo 5 is scheduled to be available “on or about 11/30/10“. The title, which was last scheduled for release on November 2 was delayed for the umpteenth time. Seriously, has anyone kept track of how many times this game has been delayed... I lost count last year.

We won’t have to worry any more as the game is almost year and will almost undoubtedly be in gamer’s hands before Christmas. Now... should we start taking wagers on a release date for the announced Gran Turismo 6?

Source: FileFront 
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