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Looking for a little change of pace after beating up gang members and drinking "hot coffee"? If so you might want ot check out Graffiti Kingdom which is a action/RPG game where you get to to draw out your own characters and lead them into battle. That's right, you can actually draw your 3D character in the game and then play them in game. If you're lazy (like me) you can also choose from one of the other 220 characters that are already in the game. Click the link for more details.
HOT-B and TAITO Japan Challenges Players of All Ages to Let Their Imaginations Soar… Dream it, Draw it, and Now Play it!

Burlingame, CA -- July 28, 2005 –– Players can showcase their creative skills in one of the year's most unique and entertaining games as Graffiti Kingdom™ for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system is now available in retail stores nationwide. Developed by TAITO Japan and published by HOT-B, Graffiti Kingdom is an Action / RPG like no other. Nominated for “Game of the Year” in Japan from the prestigious Media Arts, Graffiti Kingdom’s groundbreaking technology and stylized look allows players to play as anything they can imagine.

The story begins when an ancient evil is awakened and corrupts the world of Canvas Kingdom. It is up to the young Prince Pixel, and his ability to transform himself into anything the player creates, to go on an epic adventure filled with unexpected dangers and excitement. His goal is to save his parents and return his kingdom back to normal. As Prince Pixel successfully battles his way through an array of enemies, the player gains more drawing tools and abilities which allows them to refine, upgrade and strengthen their character creations.

Players can choose from over 220 fully customizable characters or create their own. Unlike any other game, Graffiti Kingdom features highly intuitive, yet sophisticated drawing tools that allow players to literally draw their own fully playable 3-D characters – the only limits are that of the imagination! Using the tools, simple 2-D shapes are automatically transformed into fully customizable 3-D parts which are incorporated into the final character. The player can color them, draw on them, make them spin, stretch, fly, walk, bend, flatten, gallop, defend and attack.

The game also features a two-player mode which allows players to trade characters as well as engage in head-to-head battles. Up to 144 original characters can be stored on one memory card.

Graffiti Kingdom carries an MSRP of US$29.99 and an ESRB Rating of "E" (for Everyone).

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