Gotta stream 'em all as Pokemon is about to hit Netflix

by: Russell -
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Not too long ago we posted about a deal that Nintendo is doing where if you pick up a 3DS/2DS system and one of a few select games you can get a digital copy of Pokemon X or Y for free.  If you're a huge fan of Pokemon what can be better than that?  How about watching Pokemon while playing Pokemon?  If that's right up your ally, then you'll be happy to know that starting this Saturday you'll be able to stream the Pokemon animated series on Netflix.

According to the Pokemon website you'll be able to stream Pokemon Black and White and the very first season, as well as two movies: Pokemon Black: Victini and Reshiram and Pokemon White: Victini and Zekrom.  As a fan of the animated series I'm pretty happy to see the series finally hit Netflix, especially the Indigo League season as I watched that a lot going through High School.  Hopefully we'll see the other seasons soon.

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