Google may soon pay you to buy a Nexus One

by: Ben Berry -
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Ok, so the title of this story is blatently false.

But, the upgrade price for TMobile users who want to buy the flagship Android phone has been reduced by $100 just a little over a week since it was released by Google. Evidently scads of TMobile users were calling to complain about the fact that they had to pay so much to move to the new platform. TMobile/Google have listened and the price has been dropped. Further, early adapters like myself are being given a $100 rebate. I wasn't aware of this when I woke up this morning, but after Chuck forwarded me the story, I looked at my transaction. Sure enough, my refund is in process.

Further, TMobile users were disturbed by having to give up cheaper and better user loyalty plans when transferring to the Nexus One. These complaints registered with the carrier as well, as I found out last night. I was placed back on my $50 unlimited calling AND given a $35 unlimited text and data plan as well.

Finally, TMobile is also offering a $4.70/mo insurance on the Nexus One which they also were not originally going to do. With no cases designed for the phone available yet on the market, this was a no brainer.

Evidently, the my newest gaming platform is going to be a good bit cheaper and easier to use than I thought!
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