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Goodbye productivity, hello Angry Birds in my browser

by: Jeremy -
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We all knew that it was going to happen eventually... today is the day that Angry Birds becomes available for play in the comfort of our internet browser. Well, that is at least if you are using Google’s Chrome browser...

Rovio and Google announced today that Angry Birds is now available on the Chrome App. The announcement was made at today’s I/O presentation and the game was released following the conclusion of today’s presentation. The version available on the store, for free no less (without ads), runs directly inside the Google Chrome browser with both standard definition and high definition modes, depending on your PC.

I have played the game on my iPod Touch... then my Android phone... and now it is running in my browser. Let’s face it, the game is just plain addicting and like many of Popcap’s offerings, one that you can play over and over and over on nearly every platform available. In celebration, enjoy a cover of the Angry Birds theme song by the indie band Pomplamoose: