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Critics thought Goodbye Deponia's main character was either adorable or deplorable. Admittedly, he was probably a bit of both. Even as I despised the misfiring humor, I was still in love with the illustrations, and the puzzles were well-crafted, even though they fell into the nonsensical category of problem solving. You can give it a shot, though. There's a demo on Steam with the opening chapter and some of chapter two. That's enough to acquaint you with its fast-paced moments, as well as its settle-in-and-solve-a-bunch-of-puzzles moments, and convince you whether or not it's worth finishing up the Deponia trilogy.

Goodbye Deponia Demo Gives Everyone A First Look

Hamburg, 15.11.2013 ?? For those of you who??ve been hesitating on whether to buy the concluding episode of the Deponia trilogy, Goodbye Deponia, Daedalic Entertainment released a demo for Goodbye Deponia on Steam today. Players will be able to explore the first chapter, as well as the opening of the second chapter. If you??re on the fence, now you have a chance to get a quick look at the game, mess around a bit and decide if it matches your preferences.

Gamestar describes Goodbye Deponia as ??more than just a game?? and gives 91%. Gamereactor Germany says the game is something players will even remember for many years, rating it 9/10: ??Goodbye Rufus. Goodbye Deponia. Twenty years from now, I will still tell people what a good ride it has been and how much fun we've had together.??

The full version of Goodbye Deponia is also available online for PC and Mac, priced at $19.99(Standard Edition), or US $24.99(Premium Edition) on Steam. Local prices may vary.

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