Goodbye Blue Castle Games

by: Jeremy -
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It is official, Blue Castle Games is no more... it will now be known as Capcom Games Studio Vancouver. Keiji Inafune announced during the Tokyo Game Show press conference that Capcom had purchased the Canadian developer after being thoroughly impressed with their efforts on Dead Rising 2.

Prior to their work on Dead Rising 2 and its various spinoffs, Blue Castle was known for its work on numerous Major League Baseball games including the BIGS series and MLB Front Office Manager. Congrats to the Blue Castle crew on a job well done. I got a chance to meet quite a few members of their team back in April and they were all down to Earth guys who were seriously interested in what we (the attendees of Captivate) thought of the progress of Dead Rising 2. They were very quick to take notes of any concerns or issues we found with the game(s) and really took our concerns to heart. Good luck with your new venture!

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