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While Stunlock Studios is working to make Bloodline Champions accessible, they also managed to make it look awesome.  This is a developer diary of sorts because they talk about what is being done to make it different.  What it ends up being is five minutes of gameplay footage.  You'll see all of the bloodlines and a huge display of many of the in-game powers.  

There are three different game modes which include straight team-based arena combat, strategic point control, and capturing a special item belonging to the other team.  It all sounds fast-paced and well thought out.  There are over 150,000 people trying the beta for Bloodline Champions right now so click here to learn how to get in yourself!

NEW VIDEO: This Is 'Bloodline Champions'

- Key developers give a unique introduction to the game in all-new trailer video available now-
- Over 150,000 people have joined, more spots now open -

Durham, USA – November 12th, 2010 – Funcom and Stunlock Studios today released an all-new video trailer for the upcoming online player vs. player arena game 'Bloodline Champions'. The video gives a unique glimpse into the ferocious, action-oriented gameplay as key developers explain the nuts and bolts of the game. 'Bloodline Champions' continues to build momentum: last week Funcom announced that 100,000 players had joined the beta, and Funcom can now announce that this number has soared to over 150,000 in just a matter of days.

'Bloodline Champions' is currently in beta, and gamers wanting to give the game a try can go to this page on the official website to learn where and how to get a beta key.

Embed the new 'This is Bloodline Champions' video trailer from YouTube here.

"We are absolutely thrilled to see so many gamers showing interest in the game," says Stunlock Studios CEO Tau Petersson. "With the game increasing in popularity and with more and more gamers discovering the game, we realized we had to come up with something that immediately explained the game to all these new arrivals. So we put together this video that explains exactly just what 'Bloodline Champions' is all about, and we hope that this will inspire even more players to join us in the beta in the time to come."

'Bloodline Champions' has been in development since 2008, when it started out as a student project put together by the original founders of Stunlock Studios. Over time, the project grew in scope and when Funcom signed on as a publisher in 2010 the talented developers at Stunlock Studios were able to devote all their time and effort into realizing the true potential of 'Bloodline Champions'. The free-to-play game is set for release in late 2010/early 2011.

'Bloodline Champions' represents the next generation of arena-based multiplayer games. Offering fun and fast-paced action for both casual and hardcore gamer, 'Bloodline Champions' will push your skill to the absolute limit. Battle it out with thousands of players around the world and master your bloodlines in the quest to become the ultimate champion! Currently in public beta testing, 'Bloodline Champions' has already been embraced by thousands of gamers and has quickly gained momentum amongst the online gaming communities.

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