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If you're into free demos, you might want to check out LocoRoco for PSP.  The full game, an innovative 2D platformer, hits shelves this September, but you can give it an early try now by downloading a demo for your slick little portable.

We're excited to let you know that you can now download a free demo of
LocoRocoT - soon to be released this September for PSPT
(PlayStationRPortable) system.  To obtain the free demo, please visit
http://playstation.com and go to the "PSP" tab and download PSP Firmware
Update 2.71. 

So what are you waiting for?!  Since E3, see for yourself why the media is
raving about LocoRoco:

1Up.com - Best PSP Game
GamesRadar.com - Best of E3 (PSP)
GameSpy - Top 5 Handheld Games
IGN - Best Puzzle Game (PSP)
IGN - Best Artistic Design (PSP)
IGN - Most Innovative Game (PSP
GameTrailers - Best Puzzle Game (PSP)

About LocoRoco
Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, LocoRocoT is an innovative
2D platform/action game available exclusively for the PSPT
(PlayStationRPortable) system.  Featuring unique controls utilizing the "L"
and "R" shoulder buttons, players are tasked with controlling via  "tilting
or bumping" the landscape of the LocoRoco in order to help them navigate
through the level and keep them out of harm's way.  With more than 40
stages, players control and guide the LocoRoco through vibrant, thriving and
lush worlds filled with slippery slopes, swing ropes, and more.  Featuring
six different types of LocoRoco that include their own voices and actions,
players will be enchanted by captivating music that communicates the joyous
world of these LocoRoco.  In addition, LocoRoco features the rewarding
LocoHouse, three mini-games, and wireless features.
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