Gleeks unite on the Wii

by: Jeremy -
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Are you one of the masses who tune into Fox’s Glee weekly? Do you consider yourself a Gleek?

If so, Konami and Twentieth Century Fox are going to make you very happy... especially if you are a Nintendo Wii owner. The two are bringing Karaoke Revolution Glee to the Nintendo Wii this fall. The game was announced in name only at this year's E3 conference.

The game takes Konami’s previous Karaoke Revolution formula and injects a ton of content from the Glee television show. Players will get a chance to sing one of the many songs from the first season of the series and be graded on their performance. Konami is promising that there may be up to 35 songs included on the disc as well as a ton of unlockable clips and images from the show. The game will come packed with a wired microphone and will also support multiple players with duet and harmony support.

Whether you like it or not, this game will likely sell like crazy considering the popularity of the platform and the show...

Source: Game Hunters 

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